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If You Want To Create The Results You Desire, This Is For You...

 Save The Date: 13th Dec [USA/Canada],  14th Dec [AUS/NZ]

We create all our existing beliefs, limits, personalities and emotions. However, we've never had a fast and easy way to align our own internal consciousness with our true desires to create sustainable long term success. Until Now... 

Replace Old Habits, Beliefs And Feelings With New Ones. Remove Sabotage 
Patterns And Toxic Emotions, Release 
Lifelong Trauma And Step Into 
New Reality With Laser Focus...

Once You Learn How To Connect To Your Superconscious You Will Be 
Able To Access Limitless Power, All Possibilities And Information...
Activate Your Genius Intuition, Natural Gifts And Talents To
Become A Magnet For Everything You Desire In Life.

 Remove Your Biggest Limitations & Learn To Powerfully Manifest With Precision Using 
The Superconscious Transformation Method

Integrating Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Ancient Creating Principles & The Law Of Attraction To Produce The Most Advanced, Easy-To-Learn System To Manifest Anything You Desire With Ease

If you've Ever seen yourself impacting and influencing people from the stage or through your content online, this is for you...

Virtual Preview Event

At This Event You Will Learn 7 Key Elements For  Manifesting Rapid Success
  • The Common Denominator In ALL Success & Failure Is Structure
  • ​Why Personal Development Or Self-Help Doesn't Work
  • How To Get Unblocked In Life Forever
  • ​The Real 'Secret'- How To Connect To Your Innate Superconscious Power
  • Remove All Subconscious Limitations During A LIVE  Superconscious Transformation Method [STM]
  • ​The 5 Steps To Manifest Anything With Ease & Precision Using The STM
  • ​The Exact 12 Month Process To Master The Skills Of Manifestation Without Struggle Or Frustration
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Normal Price Is $297.

This process is backed by some of the most Advanced Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Quantum Mechanics and over 30 years Research in Clinical Psychotherapy. By creating a connection with your 
Superconscious we can teach your brain how to release lifelong beliefs and trauma, 
create new connections, and give a new set of instructions that are
 in alignment with what you desire in life.

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

These Are Just Some Of Our Client TESTIMONIALS

Nicole Steel

"I attended a free seminar with Dr Mick Murphy at the beginning of the year. I was immediately drawn to the concept of Magnetic Mind Superconscious Transformation and the way Mick presented it, so I signed up on the spot. Mick’s enthusiasm and positivity align with the outcomes of the program, and he delivers his sessions with clarity and sincerity. 
I have had amazing results including emotional clarity, more focus and motivation and I'm loving life again.
He’s got a generosity of spirit that comes through with authenticity and a real sense of wanting to help you succeed in achieving your goals. He’s a clear communicator who walks his talk. I thoroughly recommend this training."

Andrea DeBellis

"I had several Superconscious recodes with Mick and is was absolutely transformational. I have done a lot of personal development and trained in subconscious work as well. However, the transformation sessions with Mick and his work with the superconscious was like nothing I have experienced. It was a game changer for me in breaking through some massive obstacles. And what is even more amazing, is that is was fast. If anyone has any hesitation about the program, my advice is to just do it. The changes are dramatic, profound and life changing. You won’t regret it!"




Matthew Price

"When I was in a dark place with alcohol Dr Mick reached out and checked in multiple times. During this period of my life he offered me The Superconscious Transformation Training. It has definitely helped me take control of alcohol and identify what’s most important to me. 
Now I’m making a huge move to chase my stand up comedy dreams instead of residing in a problem solving mindset. I’m choosing the pathway of a creator. I’m not sure what lays ahead but it excites me, and I'm no longer blocked due to this amazing training and process.
I recommend that anyone wanting to breakthrough and find their passion to do this work with Dr Mick Murphy."

Viviane Frehner

"I had the pleasure of a brief online taster of the Superconscious Transformation by Dr Mick. Mick was guiding it very skilfully and extremely present, as if he was in the room with me. During the session I felt big internal movements and shifts...I felt vitalised and rejuvenated afterwards and definitely curious for more. 
A week later I just had to sign up for more and my life has changed dramatically ever since. I'm now creating and selling my art, and my relationship is flourishing. I completely recommend working with Dr Mick if you want to create success in life."





This Will Be The Most Life Changing Webinar You've Ever Attended, If You Are Ready For It

You Will Learn Why Your Stuck Or Oscillating In Life; What The Super Successful Do; How Your Subconscious Stops You From Manifesting And What To Do About It; The Science And Research Behind The Process; What The Superconscious Is And How It Works; Then Be Guided Through A 
Live Superconscious Transformation 
For Lasting Change - Fast!

* PLUS I Will Teach You How To Become Superconscious Using The STM And Take Back Control Of Your Own Power So The Law of Attraction Can Work For You 
(The Law of Attraction Sucks If You Don’t Do This As You Can’t Turn It Off).

**PLUS**  I will also teach you the exact system I used to create 2 best selling books and land myself in a movie with Tony Robbins ...
It Takes Less Than 4 Hours A Week And Is Super Easy!

Virtual Event Times

*Tue 13th Dec 2022 
4:00pm PDT 5:00pm MDT 6:00pm CDT 
7:00pm EDT

*Wed 14th Dec 2022 11:00am AEDT
[Repeated at 7:00pm]
* Wed 14th Dec 2022 1:00pm NZDT
[Repeated at 9:00pm]

Superconscious Instructor 

Dr Mick Murphy
Osteopath- Naturopath
Mindset & High Performance Coach
Dr Mick has been transforming health in people for almost 20 years. He is a sought after integrative health practitioner, renowned teacher, mentor and public speaker. 
Dr Mick was among the first in the world to be trained and certified as a Superconscious Transformation Coach and has studied with giants in this field including Dr Joe Dispenza, William Whitecloud, Lynne McTaggert, Gregg Braden, Colette Streicher and Chris Duncan. His mission is to teach anyone how to connect to their superconscious, heal, unlock their genius intuition and live out their full potential in life.
"All the abundance and success that we desire is readily available to us, it's just on the other side of our limiting unconscious thoughts, patterns and beliefs. Once you learn how to connect to your superconscious to remove this internal resistance, everything in life will change dramatically for you."
"So let me ask you... do you want to become a magnet for everything you desire without having to pay over $7,000 to become a private client? IF you answered "YES" then ...You need to learn this method to heal and rewire your mind to attract what you want!
Dr Mick Murphy
Yes, I Want To Remove My Biggest Limitations & Learn To Powerfully Manifest With Precision Using The superconscious transformation Method...
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